International art transportation

We have mastered the art of transporting your art safely.


KROLL ART & PROJECTS GmbH is a partnership company of KROLL Internationale Spedition GmbH.


As an experienced art transporter, Kroll Art & Projects is highly specialized in packing, storing, shipping and installing artwork.


Kroll International Art ForwardersWe employ highly trained staff and transport your artwork worldwide using specially equipped vehicles. Our fleet of trucks are air conditioned and outfitted with hydraulic ramps. With a height of over 3m, we are able to transport even the largest pieces of art. Our team work with state of the art tools and equipment including forklifts and gantry cranes.

Our specialized art warehouse has over 3000 square meters of storage space. It is protected by an alarm system that is directly connected with a security service 24/7.


What kinds of service can I get from an Art Handling Company?


We are specialists in the entire bandwidth of challenges involved in the transportation of artwork and the wide array of services we provide to meet those challenges. What makes us stand out is our ability to offer quick and competent solutions to those challenges and problems.

Please take a few minutes to view our website and learn more about Kroll Art & Projects as well as to see what features define a highly specialized art transport company.


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